The Lotus Project
We are an organisation that prioritises empowerment, offering tailored support to individuals with disabilities, ensuring they lead lives filled with choice, independence, and richness.
Where personalised support helps people grow
The Lotus Project empowers individuals with disabilities to live independently, fostering a life of choice, dignity, and unparalleled quality.
Our Mission
Everything we do is supported by The Lotus Project's signature CHANGE Model. We create exciting communities where personalised support helps people grow. Our vision for the future is to be an industry leader and get people to see the changes that can be made rather than the restrictions that are perceived.
We will be honest, even when it's hard
You're a valued part of our community
If we say something, we will follow through with our actions
We strive to build a caring and nurturing environment
Our C.H.A.N.G.E Values
We want to be a part of the change.
Growth within our support staff, friends and connections
We are excited for the change in the industry, you and society
Providing tailored programs & support plans

We create programs to bring like minded people together and provide the opportunity to make friends through guided support. TLP strives to create unique programs beyond 'respite'. All of our programs focus on individual needs, wants, goals and skills. We love to challenge, excite and grow with each other to experience life and make the most of what we've got!

Our approach is to be considerate of the family dynamics and promote sibling inclusion where possible. We aim to create a sense of normality utilising a friendship based model that supports our friends to be the best they can be. We ensure that all care plans are customised and support the work of other external service providers.
We are passionate about providing support options that suit your family and look forward to creating a customised support plan for you!

regardless of ability or stage of life
Our friends enjoy
At The Lotus Project, not only are our programs jam packed full of fun, they are guided by our developmental key areas — wellbeing, communication, independence, movement and community.
Our Brand Story
Lotus (noun)
A blossoming flower that in literature and art, is a representation of purity, enlightenment, rebirth, and the ability to rise above murky waters to bloom with remarkable beauty.
The Lotus Project took inspiration from the lotus flower, representing resilience and growth, to address a gap in support for children with disabilities. It started as a community-centred response to a lack of meaningful, engaging environments for these children.

Founder, Claire started with providing in-home support and mentoring in 2016, with Lotus Kids launching in 2018 as a weekend program, creating a place for children to have fun and build friendships. As these children grew older, their needs evolved, and the Lotus Project adapted by introducing the Lotus Connect – Day Options program in 2020, extending the supportive and familiar atmosphere into daily activities.

The growth of the organisation led to the opening of 'The Lodge' in 2021, further broadening the reach and capacity of the Lotus Project. Today, it operates several programs and accommodations, serving as a nurturing space where individuals with disabilities can develop, belong, and enjoy their lives.

The Lotus Project remains a steadfast advocate for empowerment and community integration, drawing on the symbolic strength and beauty of the lotus flower.
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